Relying on Our People

Our company thrives on the development of process and technological advances, however, human resources lies at the heart of Midix. Our team is comprised of experts in the fields of medicine & pharmaceuticals, production efficiency, and management.

Additionally, we make conscious efforts in communicating our corporate values and development programs for each of our employees. We have no doubt that the quality and growths in our people, are essentially the factors that will lead us to sustained competitiveness and continued innovation well towards the future. This becomes our base for investing in our living resources, such that business results will be in line with the increased welfare of our team members.

Our people is the distinguishing factor
ini achieving the goals of midix.

to the Environment

Although building trust and relationships with our partners and consumers are a key aspect of achieving our objectives, carrying out our business comes at a price which might be harmful to the environment. Toxic wastes and substances are just some of the results that negatively impact the living conditions around us if we are not careful in conducting how we operate.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is regularly promoted in all levels of our operations and is compliant to the government's and
environment is non-negotiable and must be upheld to the epicenter of the way we govern ourselves. Managing waste released from our company's operations is a concern to the management team and all employees in Midix; because we are aware that this fight for the environment is one that can only be won if it begins internally, with ourselves.